about me

Online Alias: Mina
Birth Month: October <3 LIBRA!!!
Personality Type: ISFJ
Current Fandom: One Piece, Log Horizon, The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory.
Always Favorites: Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Series, One Piece, Naruto, Stargate SG1 - SG: Atlantis, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Golden Girls, Harry Potter, Romance Books, YA Books, Fanfiction too Crossover, my Ipad, cell phone, Thai Food and Drink.....etc
Most Likely Find Me: Fanfiction.Net and TtH Fanfiction.

In the simplest form about me is a girl ahem!! I mean woman that is a working pharmacy technician finishing my degree. That has an incurable addiction to sweets, having a good laugh to the point my cheeks hurt and enjoys living the simple life. I am very old-school but at the same time using the technologies that can instantly connect me to others is something I'm overjoyed to experience everyday. Having the preference for the color pink (light), purple and black are the colors that makes me feel happy.

I LOVE listering to musics regardless of the genre as my belief as long as the beat is good and lyrics make sense its all great. Also, things that are interesting and popular to other people will literally come to my notice later. Since, I have so many thoughs and other things to do that I didn't notice it until it happened to pass by me again. For example, when Happy Feet the first movie came out it took me watching it in the televison years after its release to finally watch and comment "wow, this is such a cute movie about penguins". so late with all the cool things passing by

Lastly, I enjoy playing online trading card games, reading books too fanfiction and watching few tv shows/movies that I take fancy towards.